Thursday Thots | Touch A Shark

Posted: April 26, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Thursday Thots, Uncategorized


So its Wednesday and I’m on a field trip with Dean’s class @ the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. As I watch The Boy and the other kids reach in to touch the sharks, I am intrigued at how intimidated they are at first and how they can’t get enough within just a few minutes. Most of these kids are so scared to stick their hands in at first, but after doing it a few times they realize there’s nothing to it and its no big deal.

The reactions of these kids reminds me of the way so many of us are with sharing our faith. We’re scared the first time and may even let the shark pass by a few times before we finally get up the courage to actually touch it, or in this case, share our faith. But after a few times, it gets so much easier and almost natural.


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