Mission Monday | Why I Coach Baseball

Posted: April 16, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Mission Monday

In just a few hours I’ll be outside enjoying this beautiful day.  Nope, won’t be relaxing.  Won’t be enjoying some time fishing either.  Won’t even be out there going for a ride on my bike.  And I won’t even mention how much I wish I was going to be out there going for a ride on the Harley.  No, I’ll be out on  the baseball field with  my team of 7-8 year old boys.

Why do I coach baseball?  Am I trying to relive my baseball glory days?  Nah.  Am I that great a ballplayer with that much baseball wisdom that I just owe it to society to pass along the gems I know?  Far from it.  Is it that I just can’t get enough baseball?  I do enjoy the game a lot, but I hung up my cleats a few years ago. Still enjoy playing but I don’t need to anymore.  Is it because Dean plays and I want to be there because of him?  Well, there’s a little to that. Its not in the over-protective, I-have-to-be-everywhere-my-kid-is kind of thing though. I do enjoy spending the time with The Boy, but I could do that other ways, too.

I coach because it is a chance to be in the community.  Its a chance to be salt and light in the place God has placed me.  Its a chance to talk with parents from the community and maybe influence their boys in some small way.  Its a chance to build relationships with other men from the community and hopefully have opportunity to speak into their lives about Christ.  Don’t get me wrong. I love baseball and I love being able to be out there with my son and play with him and teach him.  But the main reason I pour all of this time into baseball is because I’m called to be salt and light.  This is my missions field.  My prayer is that I would be just that this season and that God would open doors for me to speak and that I would be courageous enough to walk into those moments and not shy away from them.

What’s your mission field and how are you purposefully being salt and light there?


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