Thursday Thots | The Internet

Posted: March 29, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Thursday Thots

Here’s another great piece written by Ridge Burns, the keynote speaker the first Sunday at our Missions Conference.

by Ridge Burns

I’m amazed at how dependent I have become on the Internet. In fact, I am almost willing to say I’m not sure I can live without it. I know that sounds silly, and certainly if I didn’t have it, I could get along, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Recently I was scheduled to be on a video chat with four other people to discuss an important topic. I had gotten up early to go to a small town where I was told there was a great connection at a coffee shop. I got up early, went to the coffee shop, got a Danish and coffee to enjoy before the meeting, and tried to connect to the Internet. Guess what? It was down. There was no way to connect to this meeting.

My hot coffee quickly became a problem as I had to juggle it as I was quickly gathering my stuff so that I could hopefully find another connection to join this meeting. I found myself driving around this little town, looking for an unsecured Internet connection. I found one in back of a local bar, and was soon sitting in my parked car, connected to this closed establishment but able to join my meeting.

I was desperate. I had to find a connection.

Then it dawned on me that that’s exactly the position God wants us to be in. He wants us to be desperate for him, to connect with him, to gain our power and strength and ability to perform our duties by connecting with who He is through the power and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Internet serves as a reminder of our dependency on God. We do things on our own strength. We share our testimonies, and we perform our duties based on what we think is the best, but how much more power is there when we connect to the person and the work of the Holy Spirit? I’ve learned that in the same way that I was desperate to find that connection to give me the ability to communicate with the other people who were in this meeting, I need to be that desperate to connect with our Lord Jesus Christ through the power and the work of the Holy Spirit.


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