Mission Monday | What Will It Take?

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Mission Monday
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I found the following words penned in David Platt’s book, Radical, as he quotes a man who lives with his family in a country where it’s illegal to spread the gospel.

How many people have not believed because they have not heard? What will it take for those people to hear? Have they not heard because there is no one to tell them? What can we do, in obedience to God, to change a world in which there are millions and millions of people who cannot call on the Name of the Lord? Most of us would say we know the answer to that question. Many of us would even say we are doing things to change the situation. But the truth is, there will continue to be millions and millions of people who do not hear as long as we continue to use spare time and spare money to reach them. Those are two radically different questions. “What can we spare?” and “What will it take?”
This morning Rick Warren wrote on Twitter:
This generation has no excuse to not take the Gospel to all people.  I worked on 3 continents today using planes,trains,cars.
Warren’s point was not one of bragging about all he got done in a day and all of his traveling. His point is simply that with all of the technology we have at our disposal today – rapid transportation, the internet, social media, etc – we can, if we really choose obedience to God’s mission and call on our lives, reach the nations in this generation.
The question for each of us really is – Are we willing to give and do what it takes?  Or will we settle to give and do what we can spare?  And they really are two radically different questions. One will get the job done while the other will simply, at best, maintain the status quo.  What’s your answer?

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