Tuesday Tunes

Posted: March 20, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Tuesday Tunes

Well, if you were in my truck on the the ride home from Vision on Saturday, you were treated to a trip down memory lane as Drew took over DJing from my iPod. He cranked up some old 80’s and 90’s stuff that I introduced him to back when he was in high school.  We had some Sweet Comfort Band and Steve Taylor going.  Drew commented on Twitter during the ride saying, “When @aucyouth and I are singing you know it’s a scary van ride.”  Of course Amy, who was in the back seat of what used to be her family’s Tahoe, replied by saying, “@puffsfuzzyshirt @aucyouth no kidding!”  Drew and I were having fun and stayed awake, mind you, as we drove home singing together.  But I digress.  The trip down memory lane (which happens often the older I get) got me thinking about another influential band from my high school years and a song they did that helped support and remind me of the urgency of missions and reaching the lost.  So, here is Petra’s “Back to the Street” as we take another quick trip back to the 80’s.

Back to the Street
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Matthew 28:19, 22:9

It’s so easy to lose the burden – Take our eyes off the fields
Settle into apathy and forget what the harvest yields
It’s so easy to think we’re finished with our labor for awhile
Kick back and let somebody else go the extra mile

Jesus said Go (Go!) into all the world
Make disciples of all men
We gotta Go (Go!) to the highways and compel them to come in
As long as there’s a tearful eye that cries alone at night
As long as there’s a weary soul ready to end the fight
As long as there’s an aching heart that still has strength to beat
We gotta take this message back to the street
We gotta take this message back to the street

It’s so easy to stay untangled in everyone else’s life
Don’t get involved with strangers – don’t get involved with strife
It’s so easy to save your own life – resting on what you’ve done
But Jesus would leave the ninety nine to try to save the one

It’s not easy to beat the system
It’s not easy to face the heat
But somebody’s got to take this message
Back to the street


How about you? Are you ready to take the message back to the street?  How are you going to do that this week? And who are you praying God opens the door for you to share it with this week?


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