Missions Monday | Why I love VISION!

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Mission Monday

Someone asked me yesterday how many years we’ve been going to VISION.  I honestly can’t remember. It has to be well over ten based on students who tell me they’ve been to seven years worth and I know we were going before they entered the groups. Anyway, why do I love Vision?

  1. It is a one-of-a-kind event. As far as we know (and by “we,” I am referring to the leadership team for Vision which consists of youth pastors and missions people from numerous churches) there is no other conference like this for middle school and high school students in the country.  Lots of evangelism conferences but none that are missions conferences designed just for students. There are some for college-aged men and women, but we think this is it for you guys.
  2. It’s not a “missionary” conference, but a “missions” conference – or as it has always been called – “a student conference on world evangelization.”  It’s not just about what is going on but about how students can be a part of being world changers right now and in the future.  It moves missions out of the box that we so often put it in by thinking of it as a specific program of the church or as something that only certain people are called to.  At Vision, we’re all slapped in the face with the reality that each and every Believer – even students – are called to fulfill the Great Commission here and now, as well as later in life.  All of life is about missions. Or better said, all of life is about constantly, 24/7/365, being on and living out the mission with every person we come in contact with.
  3. The leadership team at Vision is willing to try new things to keep it fresh. Some work. Some do not – thinking last year’s mega-sized breakouts, this year’s seating arrangements.  But what can’t be said is that they don’t try anything new and each year looks exactly like the year before.
  4. They have the “why” of missions down and that comes through.  Some of what I mean by that is referenced in #2. But even more foundationally is remembering that the reason we are involved in missions is because it is God’s heart. Because He deserves praise from everyone. Because He has said that one day there will be people from every tribe, tongue and nation surrounding His throne, worshiping Him. It’s about His glory and receives glory as the lost are found. It’s not about doing it because we must (although obedience does play into the equation) but because we desire to bring glory to God and because its His heart to reach those who are lost because in reaching them, He receives even greater glory.
  5. Most of the training is excellent! I know every now and then you hit a dud break-out session, but most are outstanding and challenging and insightful.
  6. I think it’s a perfect addition to the preparation for our middle schoolers going to JAM and even more so for our high schoolers going on the missions trip.

So, what about you. Why do you love VISION?


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