Missions Monday

Posted: March 12, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Mission Monday

Why I Love The Missions Conference

I remember being in high school, hanging out with Fred and Barney in Bedrock. Each year my church would have its annual missions conference.  To be real honest, I would show up at the bare minimum of events and be bored to death sitting there hearing what was going on. Then my first missions conference at Northeastern Bible College came around. As a student there it was mandatory for me to attend the entire conference. I wasn’t looking forward to it.  But God rocked my world at that conference.  The conference was more than just stories about what missionaries were doing. It combined those stories with what we should be doing. I sensed an urgency of the desperation and lostness of mankind. I was shown that it was my job to be a part of the solution – not just the job of the missionaries who came to show us pictures and tell us stories. And I think that is the purpose of a missions conference. That’s why I think Ridge’s messages yesterday were right on target.  That’s why I’m so actively involved in our missions conference and in Vision. It’s not just someone else’s job. It’s my job.  Here. Now. And, should God so move and lead in the future, somewhere else. The Father’s heart is that the lost would be found – that all would be saved. And the mission Jesus left each of us with is for our hearts to get in line with the Father’s heart – to be about the mission of introducing the lost to the love of the Father.

So, why do I love the Missions Conference?

  1. It proclaims loudly that the Father’s heart is for the lost.
  2. It reminds us that it is our job. We are Plan A and there is no Plan B (to steal a line from David Platt).
  3. It trumpets the glory of God as we get to see what He is doing throughout the nations in bringing people to Himself.
  4. It places opportunities before us to see how and where God may be calling us.

This next week you’ll see me at virtually everything going on in this conference. And I hope I’ll see you. Together we can not only discover what God is doing around the world but ask each other what God may be calling us to do and where He might be calling us to do it. Could there possibly be a better use of your time this week?


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