gets a slight make-over

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Rich Landosky in Uncategorized

Our blog gets a  face-lift today.  I was getting bored with the old look.  It was time for a new look.

But more than just a “new look,” I am hoping to revitalize the content on this blog.  We’re going to try to have almost daily updates by me and others on our leadership teams.  Here’s what I’m hoping we will see throughout the week:

  • Mission Monday A look at why we’re here and the mission that Jesus left for each of us to fulfill.
  • Tuesday Tunes  I like music – most of you know that.  Each Tuesday I’ll highlight a new song or an old song or something in between (like how I covered all my bases there?).  We’ll post a video or lyrics.  We’ll make comment on the biblical truth or lack-thereof in the song. Through it, hopefully we’ll learn discernment and how to filter what we listen to through the lens of Scripture.
  • Wednesday Weekend Watch  Each Wednesday we’ll take a look at what is coming up that weekend.  Consider it like your weekly newsletter.
  • Thursday Thots  On Thursdays I’ll talk about something I’m learning from Scripture, something God has recently opened my eyes to, something that someone has said in a message that jumped out at me.
  • Friday ???  I don’t have anything for Fridays yet.  What should we do on Fridays?  Need suggestions.

In addition to these daily posts, we’ll have occasional posts like:

  • Saturday’s or Sunday’s Surprises where we highlight something that we saw, did, heard, etc that happened over the weekend in the life of our Student Ministry or AUC.
  • Rich’s Ramblings where Rich posts stuff he’s thinking about, etc.
  • Guest Posts  from our other adult and student leaders – things they’re thinking about and learning.
  • Videos  from our recent events (like the winter retreats).

Well, that’s what we’re going for.  Let me know what you think of the new look and our ideas for the new regular stream of content.  And don’t forget the suggestions for Fridays!  Time to catch up with yesterday’s post which is already a day late.


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