Steve Taylor Week – Day 2

Posted: December 8, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Rich's Random Ramblings, The Journey
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This song by Steve Taylor, On the Fritz, was prophetic.  A short time after this song came out in the late 80s several well known TV evangelists fell morally.  Around the same time, so did my youth pastor.  And it hasn’t slowed down since then.  If only we all would take to heart the words of this song and kept close tabs on our integrity, especially those in any kind of leadership.

  1. Drew says:

    Recently saw this link- on another blog. It’s a photo tour showing what Jim Bakker’s Heritage USA looks like today. Seeing what was once a huge, thriving ministry literally crumbling to the ground is a great reminder of what can happen when we let our integrity slip.

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