Steve Taylor Week Officially Begins Today!

Posted: December 7, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Rich's Random Ramblings
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OK, so last night @ LIFT, one of the students makes an innocent comment that if I end up going to the doctor to have my knee checked out, I should go to a Christian doctor.  I jokingly said, “Yeah, maybe.”  Then I added, “I think I’ll only drink milk from a Christian cow from now on too.”  A student across the rooms, says, “That’s a line in a Steve Taylor song!”  I responded, “I know, how do you?”  Apparently this student’s dad enjoys ST.  Then another student asks if we can listen to the song.  So, after our time in prayer, I break out the ‘ole CD and crank it up (which causes my son to climb out of bed, come half-way down the stairs to dance).  I haven’t popped ST in for a while and got to thinking that it must be time for a Steve Taylor Week here on the blog.  So…check back each day for a new ST video.  Love this guy’s creative music (for the 80s, he was off-the-wall) and the biting satire in his music forcing Christians and the Church to really think about some stuff.

Day One – “I Want To Be A Clone”


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