Monday Musings

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Rich Landosky in HSM, Monday Musings, MSM

Sunday Sports. It was a good day for me yesterday – both the Steelers and Yankees won.  Makes Rich happy.  Speaking of the Yankees . . .

World Series Time. The baseball season is winding to a close with what I think is going to be an epic series.  Looking forward to the Phillies & Yankees.  Our home is evenly divided so it should be fun.  At breakfast this morning, Dean said, “This is great! We can start talking trash at each other now.”  Not sure how it will play out in the series.  Phillies are hitting much better than the Yankees right now, despite the Yankees having a string line-up, in my opinion.  Starting pitching looks pretty evenly matched.  Bullpen – I think the Yankees are stronger, at least on paper, but the game isn’t played on paper, now is it?  I think the Phillies have the edge, in all honesty.  The invincible Yankees have stopped hitting this post-season and you can’t win if you don’t hit at least a little.  I don’t know.  Looking forward to it.  I’m ready. Let the dance begin.  🙂

Love. I’ve got to tell you, nothing warms my heart the way watching you all demonstrate real love does.  I loved watching what you all did for Jack yesterday with his birthday.  The roars at UG in the morning when his birthday was announced, and the party and gifts last night.  You guys rock!  The sacrifice in time and money to show love back to a leader who you all know loves you so much – amazing and awesome.  I love watching it!  It makes my day.  I’m so glad to have a front-row seat to watch the Holy Spirit’s continual transformation of so many of you.

Jack. Speaking of Jack, even though I know he’ll never see this (he still doesn’t own an answering machine nor will he take a free one!), his dedication, love and commitment to our high school students and this ministry is unreal!  I hope that we all realize that.  Take a moment to thank God today for Jack and his love for us.

Lessons From  Saul & David. I’ve been reading through 1st Samuel in my devotions and right now I’m reading about Saul and David and the relationship that they found themselves in.  Quite interesting.  Over the next few weeks I’ll share some insights from their lives.  I’ll begin with a simple one today.  JEALOUSY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.  This is so apparent in the life of Saul.  He starts off loving David and then being grateful for David.  But as soon as David gets some credit for something (which Saul empowered and enabled him to accomplish by giving him permission to go fight Goliath), Saul allows jealousy to creep up in his life.  His subsequent and constant attempts to kill David become the theme of the following chapters.  The jealousy eats at him and eventually devours him.  It is all-consuming in his life.  And the same will happen to us if we allow it to even creep in a little bit.  It’ll take over and consume you.


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