Monday Musings

Posted: October 12, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Monday Musings

Sleep. I need some.  Moving slowly today.  Just tired after last week.

Catalyst ’09. Amazing Conference – as it usually is.  Least favorite part this year – the overall worship.  Favorite part – the opening of the conference and the Thursday night worship time with Aaron Keyes and Francis Chan.  Still a ton to process from the week.  Looking forward to possibly hitting up Catalyst One-Day down in Baltimore in November.

Road Trip. I love road trips! Fun times with Andrew and Lowell and lots of youth group memories from the last 15 years surfaced and laughed about making for a great time driving to and from Atlanta.  The Suburban we had to travel in made the trip fun for me too.  The funk from my road trip buddies forced us to buy an air freshener (thanks Lowell).

Blessings. I’ve said before how incredibly blessed I am.  The memories that were laughed about on the trip force me to realize God’s incredible blessing in my life.  Tammy and I also received an envelope (no name or return address) this week with cash and a Scripture verse in it.  That just flat out blows my mind!  Who does that?!  And why us?  So blessed, so thankful, so amazed.  WOW!

Fun Post. Tony Morgan, an executive pastor at a church in GA, was at Catalyst this past week, too, and wrote a fun blog that made me laugh and realize that I’m getting old.  here it is . . . and yes, I remember most of this stuff!

Things I Remember that Most Catalyst Attendees Do Not

Hood ornaments

Family pictures at Olan Mills


Floppy discs

The Cold War

Mylon LeFevre & the Broken Heart band


The “Glass Ceiling”

Burger Chef

Carrying my girlfriend’s comb in my back pocket

Glass Coke bottles

Avoiding wearing green and yellow on Thursdays

The Mickey Mouse Club

Tube socks and short shorts


Three television channels

Sony Walkman

Nothing open on Sundays

Written letters

Moon landings

Feathered hair

Tandy computers

Needless to say, I’m getting old.


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