Monday Musings

Posted: August 31, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Monday Musings

It is good to be back!  Vacation was very good but it is great to be back.  I miss all of you when I’m away.  because of our mission trip to Peru and then vacation, it has been several weeks since I’ve done a Monday Musings, so here are some random thoughts from the past few weeks.

Peru. Our mission trip to Peru was absolutely amazing!  The team was incredible.  You can read accounts while on the trip and reflections after the trip at  Some brief highlights from the trip for me:  the team and the unity it had and relationships that were developed; seeing good friends from Peru and making new friends; arranging the marriages of both my children to Lucho’s kids.  Seriously, it was an incredible trip.  If you didn’t go with us but could have, you missed the experience of a lifetime.  Make sure you sign-up for next Summer’s mission trip if you’re in the High School Ministry.  Place and dates to be revealed this week!

Baptism. The day we arrived back from Peru, I had the incredible privilege of baptizing Becca Williamson in the evening service.  What a special night.  I was supposed to baptize Becca down in Honduras.  But when our plans to go to Honduras needed to change and the Williamsons needed to leave the country, we were able to arrange things so that we could baptize Becca up here.  A very special night for me.

Gift. The week before we left for vacation, I received a very unexpected gift from a friend. As I opened this gift, I unwrapped a new iPod Touch.  Totally blew me away!!!  What a blessing.  And just “because I felt God wanted me to bless you somehow.”  So amazing.

Vacation. We had a good time together the last two weeks.  We really didn’t go anywhere, just took a bunch of day trips and stuff but had a good time doing it.  We spent two days in Toms River visiting family, celebrating my mom’s birthday, and attended First Baptist Church of Toms River where I grew up.  We spent a lot of days at the pool at the Springfield Country Club due to the generosity of a student who signed us in as her guests.  Spent a day in Lancaster with friends after going to Willowdale Chapel in the morning and seeing Dave Walker.  I took the boy to a Camden RiverSharks baseball game with my brother, Nick, and his girlfriend, Caitlyn.  We went down to Baltimore for a day and Dean and I toured a couple of baseball museums, looked around Camden Yard, and then we all spend some time at Inner Harbor and ate dinner at the ESPN Zone. Dean wanted his dinner delivered to the Men’s Room where he could watch SportsCenter while standing at the urinal or sitting on the can.  We also went up to Bushkill Falls for a day to hike and enjoy the outdoors.  On the way home we swung through a little town near Allentown called Germansville.  I lived there when I was five – just one year.  Hadn’t been there in at least 30 years.  It was very cool.  Spent a day with the kids and went bowling and shot off hydro-rockets with them.  All in all, a very good vacation with the family.

Summer’s Over. Well, while I’m sad to see Summer go and this year over, I’m even more excited for The New Year! The coming year in the MSM and the HSM are going to be incredible!  We’ve got some great stuff planned and I can hardly contain my excitement as we jump into a new year!  You don’t want to miss any of it !  I promise.


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