Posted: July 17, 2009 by Rich Landosky in The Journey

I read this on another pastor’s blog that I read regularly.  His thoughts here are really, really good and something we all should listen to and take to heart.

“Get My Underwear Off Of Your Head!” (6 Thoughts About God!) July 16, 2009

On Sunday I came home, changed clothes, put a load of clothes in the wash and then went into the kitchen to get some food ready…

About a minute later Charisse came into the room with a pair of my underwear over her head.

NOW…let’s stop here for just a second and all admit–underwear, no matter how they are designed, are GROSS!!!  There is just no way around it…your butt stinks and underwear and your butt hang out all day long!!!  (That is all I am going to say about the grossness of underwear…I think you get the point!)

So…I told her, “Charisse, can you please take daddy’s underwear off of your head and go put them in the dirty clothes?”

She left the kitchen…but about a minute later walked back in with my undies STILL ON HER HEAD!  (And I think she was singing!)

This caused me to act with a little more urgency…I know she thought what she was doing was cute…but it had already caused me to throw up in my mouth just a little…and I wanted her to STOP IT…

SO…I once again expressed my desire for her to “repent” of “underwear head” and do what I had told her…to which she, once again, walked out of the room as if she intended on doing what I had commanded.

BUT…instead of obeying me she walked into the living room and began to dance…WITH MY UNDERWEAR STILL ON HER HEAD!

I began walking towards her…and my voice became just a touch more elevated (I really do mean a touch…we don’t yell in the Noble house!)  She finally got the point and took my drawers off of her noggin.  I told her to put them away…and though she wasn’t fond of the idea…she obeyed!

I’ve thought about this episode a lot this week and have concluded the following..

#1 – Many times what we see as “fun” and “harmless” our heavenly Father sees as something far worse!

#2 – Just like I didn’t want Charisse to stay in a really nasty situation…our heavenly Father wants for us to repent of sin because He knows the destruction it will eventually bring.

#3 – Just like Charisse, many times we delay obedience because of our perceived enjoyment and our misguided thoughts that God is actually out to ruin our lives.

#4 – The sooner we obey God the sooner we are able to escape what has us blinded!

#5 – The voice of the Father and not our own voice, is the one we should be obsessed with!

#6 – His kindness and love, not His anger and hatred, is the reason He wants the junk out of our lives!

Just some thoughts that God is using my daughter to teach me!


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