Monday Musings

Posted: July 13, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Monday Musings

Good & Bad. Tammy and the kids are away enjoying some time together at the beach.  This is really good for the kids, I think, to spend some time with Tammy before they get “shipped off” for two weeks while we’re away on the missions trip.  I miss them all terribly.  On the other hand, I can get a lot of what is left to get done and prepare for being gone for two weeks without the guilty feelings for not being home and with them.

Baseball & Fireworks. Took a few from the MS group to the Camden RiverSharks game Saturday night.  What a great venue for a ball game.  After the game, a nice fireworks display.  What beats a beautiful night that includes baseball, fireworks, some great students and having your son there, too?

Blessed. I just mentioned the ball game and the fact that I brought Dean along since we had extra tickets.  God keeps showing me just how blessed we are.  To see a couple of our middle school guys take Dean under their wing and make him feel a part of stuff was so cool.  To see Austin take Dean’s hand and walk with him down to the field so they could run the bases after the game was just too much.  So cool.  We are so blessed.

Blessed, Part 2. Thursday night some friends (and partners in ministry) took us out to dinner to celebrate out 15 years here at AUC.  Amazing.  Absolutely incredible dinner and even better company and friendship and conversation.  Have I mentioned how blessed we are?

Blessed, Part 3. Last night after LIFT went to dinner with another good friend who I’m also privileged to do ministry with.  Another great time where the fellowship was even better than the food.  So blessed.  I’m beginning to sense that maybe we’re really, really blessed.

Blessed, Part 4. OK, this one starts with headache.  Got my motorcycle back from the mechanic on Wednesday.  Rear tired repaired, inspected, oil change – all completed.  Put about 40 miles on it Wednesday and Thursday, about 20 of those with Tammy.  Friday, Dean had a “show” up at camp at the Haverford School.  Tammy and I met up there sicne she was going to hang out after the show and I needed to get back.  I took the bike.  After the show, I’m getting ready to leave, start the bike and notice oil flowing from the filter area.  It’s leaking way to quick to try and get it home.  Tammy drives me back to the church and then she calls the towing company to come pick it up and bring it back to my mechanic.  Around 5:30 she calls me to tell me the truck is there and that the guy drops the bike putting it on the truck.  I’m thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me?!”  I head down to Frank’s and wait there with Frankie for the truck to get there with my dropped bike.  After inspecting it, the “only” damage was one of the mirrors being snapped off (Only is in quotes because a it’s about $200 to replace the mirrors with the integrated turn signals).  Frank fixes the oil leak which turns out to be the seem in the filter that split.  We talk about the mirror and he asks me if I know a good machinist.  I tell him, that as a matter of fact, I do.  Yesterday I ask Dan Hegman if he thinks he could fix the mirror.  This morning at about 9:00 I got a txt message saying that the mirror was fixed and ready to go.  The word “blessed” comes to mind again!

Can’t Wait. I can’t get out of my mind what God might have in store for the team headed to Peru a week from today!  I’m baffled by the “route” God took us to get us headed in this direction.  After all the work planning and preparing to go to Honduras only to have to change directions two weeks before the trip – what does God have in store for us?  I can’t wait to see!!!


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