Monday Musings

Posted: June 30, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Monday Musings

Reverb. The High School’s first ever Reverb far exceeded my expectations.  It was great having Rob from Place of Promise with us for the first three days, sharing his story.

Ozzy’s. That place never grows old.  What could be more fun?  And bringing 50 people just adds to the excitement.

Super Slammin’ Summer Spin-Off. The Middle School’s youth week started at Ozzy’s on Saturday as the High School’s “Reverb” came to an end there.  Good fun so far at SSSS.

Honduras. Please be in prayer for the country of Honduras and pray for wisdom as we decided whether or not the team should still be going.  Waht a mess eruppted the other day in that country.  The next week or so will be key.  Will everything die back down or will it escallate as other countries get involved?

Tired. I’m tired.  I need some rest.  I am planning on actually trying to take Friday off since it is an office holiday.  I rarely take them off – always too much to do.  But a three day stretch from Thursday through Saturday may be just what the doctor ordered as I try to refuel for the rest of the summer.

Bitterness. I’ve been around some people this past week who are really, really bitter.  I saddens my heart to see.  Not only does their bitterness create an atmosphere that causes no one to want to be around them, making them more lonely, but their unwillingness or inability to forgive robs them of the joy that should be theirs as a result of walking with Christ.  It really saddens me.  I pray for them that God would help them to forgive that they night be released from the grips of unforgiveness in order to experience the joy that could be theirs.  it really is a much better way to live.


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