Monday Musings

Posted: June 16, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Monday Musings

Missing Friends. Our friends, The Starlings, moved to Seattle on Saturday (actually, they started their long drive out there on Saturday).  Alyssa heart is certainly hurting the most after saying “good-bye” to her best friend.  It is very hard to see your child’s broken heart and know that there’s really no way you can fix it.  Many tears have been shed the past few days by her parents.

Spiritual Parents. Many of you have heard me speak about my spiritual parents, George & Alexis Dean (yes, this is who our son was named after).  The Deans had a huge impact in my life growing up and George was like a father to me.  I have very vivid memories of camping trips and fishing trips with George in Battalion.  One of the most vivid memories is a time when they gave me a ride home in their station wagon.  George chased me around my house and through my house for five plus minutes because he thought I leaned back into the car to kiss his daughter good-bye right in front of him (which, by the way, was not at all true – I leaned back into get my trumpet out of the back of the car – I would never have kissed her…in front of him).  As he was chasing my through my house, my dad heard the commotion and came out with a weapon of some kind, saw it was George chasing me, opened the door for George to continue on his pursuit.  Well, anyway, we had dinner with them Saturday night.  It was so good to talk with them for a while.  We talked about First Baptist Church of Toms River (I grew up there and served there as youth pastor and they still go there) – its present and its future.  We talked about all kinds of other things too.  It was good to be with them.

Pastor Paul Hits the Nail on the Head. Pastor Paul nailed it Sunday night in his message when he said that throughout church history, the pendulum swings far to the left and then far to the right when it comes to the Gospel.  It isn’t just about proclaiming words (not that the Good News of Jesus’ death and resurrection, redemption, justification and provission of eternal life are “just words” – I think you know what I’m saying)  nor is it just about showing acts of kindness and love.  It is, and always has been, about both.  Well said.

Seniors. Every year we have to say “good-bye” to another group of seniors.  This is one of my least favorite times of the year.  I am going to miss this class of graduates alot.

Summer. I am getting really excited about the summer as we are just about ready to enter it full steam.  It’s going to be an incredible summer.

Community Picnic. One of the most exciting things that I think we as a church have done over the past several years is move the old church picnic to our new park across the street and make it a community picnic.  Walking around and seeing all of the people from the community there was exciting.  I applaud our Outreach Committee for making this move several years ago and for their committment to getting more involved in our community lin ways like this.


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