Monday Musings

Posted: May 18, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Monday Musings, Rich's Random Ramblings

Vacation.  Starting vacation tomorrow.  It’s going to be a busy week but I hope I can find some time to relax and to read in the midst of it.  Stuff tentatively planned:  Alyssa’s end-of-year gymnastics show, a nice ride with my buddy Jim, a RiverSharks game, Ocean City, fishing tournament for the kids, Baltimore, church @ Willowdale Chapel on Sunday, an afternoon at the Hotel Conklefornia, Monday with friends in Lancaster, Alyssa’s school field-day, Dean’s t-ball game.

Baptisms.  Last night was another incredible highlight for me.  One of the greatest things to witness and be a part of is a baptism where people stand in a proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and follow Him in obedience.  I just love the way our congregation claps after each person is baptized!  

Computers.  I love them and I hate them.  is that enough said?  I can’t believe that we cannot get Tammy’s new Acer netbook to connect to the wireless signal it sees and identifies in our house.  Ugghhh.

Communication.  The ripples of poor communication (or failure of it) are far reaching.  I blew it about a year ago and just found out about it yesterday.  I felt like such a jerk.  Dad always told me that when you assume you….

God’s Glory.  I am so impressed with a guy I know.  I had this guy as he came through our youth group.  He has so matured and grown and his deep passion and committment to Christ now that he is gone, married and serving our country in the Navy, impresses me.  As his father sits with stage four cancer and very little “hope” as the world sees it, he and his dad and some other family members recognize that regardless of what God does in this situation – whether He chooses to heal him or not – God will receive glory from it.  We may not see it now.  Maybe we’ll never see it while we are alive.  But one day when we’re standing with the Father in heaven we’ll see all that God did and how He received glory as a result of what He chooses to do in this situation.  And to know this young man (and his dad and some other family members) holds firm in this faith and hope  leaves me with nothing more to say than “Thank You God!”

Servant Teams.  I love our students. And each month I am impressed by the high school students that come out on a Sunday afternoon for our Servant Teams and the way that they tireslessly work and serve.  I love the hearts that they have and are developing – hearts that love God and love others and desire to serve both.

Friends.  Good friends are hard to come by.  I am so glad that Lowell and beth are back at AUC and for Lowell’s partnership in the HSM again.  I keep having flashbacks to the “good ole’ days” 15 years ago when I came here and Lowell was one of the first guys on my new team.  And then to sit yesterday afternoon with him and Junior to just talk – it was very good.  Good conversation.  And I’m grateful for former students who have grown up and become good friends – guys like Junior.  God is and is going to use him in big ways.

2009-2010.  Both the MS Ministry Team and the HS Ministry Team have now met and have planned out the coming year – just a metter or plugging everything into the calendar now. It is going to be a very good and exciting year for both ministries!

19 years.  As I begin vacation tomorrow, I also get to celebrate 19 incredible years of marriage to my beautiful bride, Tammy.  I am so thankful to God for such a beautiful woman who loves Him and such an incredible partner in ministry and in life.  I am blessed far beyond what I deserve.


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