Are You Hungry? | Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Posted: May 13, 2009 by Rich Landosky in Rich's Random Ramblings, The Journey

Isaiah 39

It appears that Hezekiah still, after everything God did, was still having some trouble trusting God completly.  It seems as though he was hoping to get the Babylonians on his side, to be nice to them, to win their friendship, that they might stand by him if not help him defeat the Assyrians.  But the prophet Isaiah walks in and essentially rebukes Hezekiah and tells him that there willbe a day when the Babylonians will come and carry everything he has off, including family.

If only Hezekiah would have trusted God completely for his and his country’s safety and protection.  I guess the same could often be said of us.  I think I often trust God completely . . . to a point.  Know what I mean?  And while I’m “trusting God” I’m also posturing myself to make sure the situation turns out “in God’s will.”  How lame we can be sometimes.  It’s funny, because you read stuff like this and say to yourself, “What were they thinking?  If only they had really….”  The the Holy Spirit starts poking you from the inside saying, “Uh-hum…what about…?  And how about…?  Just the other day, you did….”

Father God, forgive me when I trust in myself and my wisdom and not completely in You.  Teach me how to trust You more.  In Jesus’ Name – Amen.


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