Are You Hungry? | Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Posted: May 12, 2009 by Rich Landosky in The Journey

Isaiah 38

As Hezekiah is told that his days are numbered, he prays that God would extend his life.  God does.  Hezekiah’s life is extended by 15 years.  So Hezekaih writes out his “prayer of praise” you might say recalling his thoughts and God’s extension of his life.

I guess it is probably true that most of us don’t want to die.  That’s why I stand and marvel at people who face death with such a peace and assurance.  I have a friend and former student whose father may be facing death soon.  In talking with this friend, he was telling me how he and some others in his family (including his father) were at such peace – cresting confident that God makes no mistakes, that He is still soveriegn, and that He will receive glory whether this man lives or goes home to be with Him.  Our pastor’s brother had the same outlook in the recent months before he passed from this life to eternal life with his God.

Believers in Jesus Christ have such a hope that we should look forward to death because absence from the body means presence with the Lord.  And what could be better.  I wonder if the reason so many Believers fear death is because they aren’t ready to face God due to the life they’re living while alive.  I don’t know.  Just a thought.


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