Intersect | Culture :: “Begin” Wrap-Up #2

Posted: March 27, 2009 by Rich Landosky in The Journey
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These next two questions, still comning from Wednesday night’s study and discussion, have more to do with our church.  Let me lay some ground rules for answering these questions: (1) Be honest; (2) Be constructive – not critical; (3) Suggest ways to improve; (4) Be loving.  This will not be allowed to turn into a bashing session or a gripe session. That’s not the purpose of these questions.  They are to make us think in light of what we’re studying together.  That being said, here are our questions:

What is broken about our church (or Student Ministry) – our counterculture – that prevents it from working more for the common good?  And how would you suggest improving/fixing it?

How does our church (or Student Ministry) creatively engage its culture?


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