since we’re still thinking about missions and world evagelization and our role as it relates to impacting the culture in which we live …

Posted: March 11, 2009 by Rich Landosky in HSM, MSM, The Journey
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I saw a video the other day and then got it again in a blog subscription.  It’s Penn of Penn & Teller.  He is an atheist and is speaking about an encounter he has with a follower of Jesus.  What he says is really worth thinking about.  The implications seem pretty apparent for those of us who claim to be Christ followers.

How do you come across to those you share the love of Christ with?  

Do you share the love of Christ with others?

For the record, I embedded this video on our site because I think it is good for all of us to hear.  I did not just link to YouTube’s site because I have no idea what Penn’s other videos are like or what else might be there – therefore I do not recommend his show, his vlog, or necessarily anything else on YouTube.  This video is worth us watching though.

BTW, don’t forget that tonight we start a new series at Merge & BLOC entitiled “Intersect | Culture.”  You don’t want to miss a single week of this series.  We kick-off tonight with a debate.


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