Rich’s Weekend In Review

Posted: January 5, 2009 by Rich Landosky in HSM, MSM, Rich's Random Ramblings
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Friday night was great!  The Middle School’s Hollywood Squares RIOT was a ton of fun.  The men who put that whole set together and ran it did a fantastic job.  I hope trust that all of our middle school students appreciate all of the work that went into that and have thanked their leaders.

Had a really fun time on Saturday with the family.  We headed west to Conkle Estate in West Grove and spent the better part of the day with good friends.  Watched football, played with kids, played Guitar Hero 4, talked about life, about ministry.  Great day with great friends.

Sunday was another great day.  Really enjoyed some unplanned conversations that emerged during our High School Ministry Team Meetings.  They weren’t planned and kept us from getting as far down the road on planning as I had wanted.  But the conversations were good and needed, as were the ensuing conversations in the student ministry team meeting to follow.  Nothing energizes me like good discussions about ministry and especially student ministry and how we can move a step or two further in loving God and loving others better.  And then there was Sunday night . . .

I love baptisms.  I love watching people who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior demonstrate and tell the Body about it through this simple act of obedience and testimony.  I love hearing the Body cheer and clap as each person is baptized.  I really love being a part of baptizing people – especially when some being baptized are students or former students of ours.  What an incredible privilege.

Things are heating up here in the Student Ministry.  Hope you’re going to be a big part of all of it.


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