Vacation was incredible.  It was another chance to slow down and be refreshed.  A beautiful Sabbath for us.  We are in awe of how God orchestrates things.  First, the house in the Poconos that we were again privileged to use for the week.  What an incredible ministry the Scott family has offered to us allowing us to use their home for the past four years.  Those who went with the HS to BREATHE understand what I’m saying.  Second, at 6:50am Monday morning our phone rang.  It was Tammy’s mom saying that she had gotten sick and couldn’t take Dean for us for the week.  But then God provided two families that worked out bouncing Dean around and he had a great time last week.  These families are so precious to us.  When we went to pick Dean up he was too busy playing with the boys  and didn’t want to come home.  What more could we ask for?  We had a restful time.  I finished two books (“Death By Meeting” and “Youth Ministry 3.0”).  We got lots of sleep.  Enjoyed hours of talking and just being together.  When we got home and went to pick Alyssa up from yet another family that has just blessed us with their ministry to us, Alyssa handed us a sealed envelope from school.  We opened it to find some tests and a letter indicating that Alyssa has been tested and accepted into the gifted program.  Apparently she’s pretty smart.  Now the hard work of going back nine years to the hospital she was born at and trying to figure out who’s kid she really is and what happened to our girl because she certainly didn’t get those genes from me.

So, we’re back and in the blocks ready to take off into a very busy stretch that covers the next 18 or so weeks – until about mid-March.  These are exciting weeks coming up with all kinds of opportunities and events.  I am so excited about the next 4 or so months and the way that God is going to use these times in all of our lives.  Just the next week and a half alone is exciting:

The High School’s discipleship weekend – THIRST – is this Friday and Saturday

Middle School’s annual Borrow-A-Kid service project is this Saturday

On Sunday the High School’s Servant Teams roll up their sleeves and spend time serving the HSM and others in our church.

Next Friday is the High School’s 15th Annual Turkey Bowl football game (yes, I’m playing for those who have questioned my status after last year’s broken finger and ruptured tendon and subsequent surgery) followed by an outreach event that night for the high school – our 80’s Party.

The next day, Saturday morning, is the Middle School’s Left-Over Bowl football game.

On top of that, our High School Summer Mission Team is beginning to take some shape as applications are due in on Sunday the 30th, and the HS has begun our Angel Tree program for this year where our students give money and then buy presents, wrap them, and deliver them to children whose parent or parents are in prison.

Some really exciting times to demonstrate love for others as we serve others, share Christ with others, have fun with each other, and as we continue to love God and fall more deeply and passionately in love with Him.  There’s a reason Tammy and I take off the week that we do every November and rest.  These next few months are crazy busy (don’t forget all of the stuff we do in December and January and then the winter retreats in February and Vision and the mission conference in March) but they are one of my favorite stretches of the year.  So, we’re well rested and ready to take off on a wild ride for the next four or so months as we watch God work and transform lives right in front of us.  That’s what we’re praying for.  Are you ready for what God is going to do in you and around you?


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