Getting Away

Posted: November 7, 2008 by Rich Landosky in Rich's Random Ramblings, Uncategorized

Next week Tammy and I are going on our annual week of vacation – minus the children.  It is always a good week for us to reconnect, get away from all of the busyness of life and the distractions, to rest, study, etc.  So, I’m feeling ambitious with my reading.  Just finished Erwin McManus’ book “Wide Awake.”  I’ve already started the book “Axiom: Powerful Leadership Proverbs” by Bill Hybles.  I’m enjoying working through just one or two of these insights each day.  So, in addition to that book, I’m bringing the following three books with me next week.  My goal is to finish two, if not all three, of them.

“Death By Meeting” by Patrick Lencioni

“The Gospel According to Starbucks: Living With a Grande Passion” by Leonard Sweet 

“Youth Ministry 3.0” by Mark Oestreicher

This weekend before we leave should be a great one.  Tonight is our Middle School Raucous Caucus RIOT.  Tomorrow is Church Work Day after which I’m taking the kids up to DCCS for their middle school’s play “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  Sunday I get to teach on Spiritual Gifts in the New Member’s Class.  I’ve missed doing that.  Then a Worship Team Rehearsal in the afternoon.

Well, off to head home and see the family for a little bit before coming back for tonight’s RIOT.


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