Posted: October 26, 2008 by Rich Landosky in HSM, Rich's Random Ramblings, The Journey
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Just got back from the High School’s fall retreat – BREATHE.  Our plans were re-arranged for us due to the weather and so we ended up in a great little a-frame home up in the Poconos instead of camping out in Lancaster County.  But our focus didn’t change.  So, we’re back and after putting everything away, I’ve got 30 minutes until the evening service where the other pastors and I will be doing a panel discussion sermon on corporate prayer.  Figured I’d spend a few minutes thinking back over an incredible weekend.

The ideas of rest and quiet seem so foreign to us here in the USA – especially here in the Northeast.  It does seem that our worth is often tied into how busy we are and how much we accomplish.  But in God’s economy, rest and quiet should be part of our rhythm.  Rest in God.  Finding those times to sit still, to do nothing but be with Him.  And quiet is so distant from our way of life as well.  We fill our lives with noise, so much so that it is no wonder that we have such a hard time hearing God’s still small voice.  It’s hard to hear a whisper when there’s so much noise all the time.  But the weekend was good – plenty of rest, plenty of quiet, plenty of no schedules, plenty of laughing with others, and plenty of play, and plenty of drawing nearer to God.  Now to try (or continue to try) and bring these ideas of rest and quiet into my daily life again and create a new rhythm that becomes the dominating music of my life as opposed to the once or twice a year detour.

For those who went with us, I trust this was a good weekend for you and that you, too, will begin establishing some of these new rhythms in your young lives.  Our relationship with the Father can’t help but to be deeper as a result.

  1. lorraine says:

    so all day i havent been able to stop thinking how much when i breath it sounds like Yahweh. it was just really cool to be thinking that all throughout the day and just being reminded of how even in the busyness of a school day i can still slow down my thoughts for a few minutes and be so thankful for the increadiable God we serve.

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