Getting to Know Our God – Pt. 1

Posted: October 20, 2008 by Rich Landosky in The Journey
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Did yesterday’s Elevation lead to you a place of awe and worship of God?  I’m not talking about the “production” of the gathering or just the music or just the video or the message or any of the pieces.  But did it all cause you to sit and reflect on God – His majesty, His glory, His power, His bigness, His beauty, His creativity, His love for you?  All of it – the music, the videos, the message – were put together not be an end in themselves but rather to paint a small picture of who our God is so that we might begin to better grasp who He is with more than just our heads, pulling us and challenging us to love Him more deeply.  Did the picture of our God cause you to fall on your face and worship Him?  To say, like Isaiah, “Wow to me for I am a man of unclean lips, for I have seen the King, the LORD Almighty!”

This week we continue the journey that we began yesterday with “Crazy Love :: Stop Praying” as we spend time looking at our God.  Yesterday we looked at God’s creativity as seen in the universe and His creation and then by examining some of His attributes – He is Holy, Eternal, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Fair & Just, Love, Mercy & Grace.  Several years ago I was moved to begin looking at the names of God.  I remember being at Place of Promise and Beth Kidd was speaking to our group while on that mission trip.  She was speaking of God’s names as revealed in Scripture and I distinctly remember being moved by Beth’s passion and understanding and closeness to God.  Her relationship with God and passion for Him  encouraged me to begin looking more closely at my God and to examine who He is by understanding His names.

I Am
Exodus 3:14 – God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM.”  I AM – God’s memorial name to all generations. The name He desires to be known by. The name that expressed His character as the dependable and faithful God who desires the full trust of His people.  The name that helps us to realize that God has always been and always will be.  There is no beginning or end to God.  He simply has always been and always will be I AM.

Ancient of Days
Daniel 7:9 – Again, a name that draws us to the realization that God has always been.  He is eternal.  He is the Ancient of Days.  He is the One who has been from the very beginning.

Deuteronomy 32:4 – When I picture a rock I picture something solid.  In fact we use that expression, solid as a rock, don’t we?  What a great name for our God.  He is the Rock, the One who never moves, is never shaken, is solid.  He is the One who can be depended on not to move when we need something solid in our lives.  Regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves going through, our Rock doesn’t change.  He is solid and steadfast.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is not like shifting sands.  He is immutable (means unchangeable – do you recognize that word from the song we sing “Matchless”?).  

Three names God goes by in Scripture that display who He is.  Will you spend some time right now worshipping Him for who He is – He is I AM, the Ancient of Days, and our Rock. Tomorrow we will begin a look at some of the Hebrew names of God as we uncover more of who our God is and get to know Him better.


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