Easy Christianity v. Crazy Love

Posted: August 5, 2008 by Rich Landosky in The Journey
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Last Sunday night I had the privilege of speaking in the evening service.  The Lord laid it on my heart to speak about growing up, maturing as followers of Jesus.  What does it really mean to love God and grow in Him?

This past Sunday morning, Pastor Kevin spoke on the passage from John 21:15-22 and echoed the question Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you really love me?”

Then Sunday night, Dave Pilgrim spoke on 1st Timothy 4 and training ourselves for godliness above all else.

While in no way was any of this planned out amongst the three of us, all three messages point back to some very similar themes.  Do we really love God as much as we say we do?  If so, do our actions demonstrate a relentless and passionate pursuit of God above all else?

Dave closed his message Sunday night with a quote by A. W. Tozer that resonated with me.  It is very similar to something I just read by Francis Chan in his book, Crazy Love.  First the Tozer quote, then the Chan quote.

It has become popular to preach a painless Christianity and automatic saintliness. It has become part of our “instant” culture. Just pour a little water on it, stir mildly, pick up a gospel tract, and you are on your Christian way. Lo, we are told, this is Bible Christianity. It is nothing of the sort! To depend upon that kind of formula is to experience only the outer fringe, the edge of what Christianity really is. We must be committed to all that it means to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. There must be a new birth from above, otherwise we are in religious bondage and legalism and delusion – or worse! But when the wonder of regeneration has taken place in our lives, then comes the lifetime of preparation with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”  – A.W. Tozer

In talking about the parable of the seed that fell amongst different kids of soils (Luke 8:1-15), Francis Chan says the following:

My caution to you is this: Do not assume you are good soil.

I think most American churchgoers are the soil that chokes the seed because of all the thorns. Thorns are anything that distracts us from God. When we want God and a bunch of other stuff, then that means we have thorns in our soil. A relationship with God simply cannot grow when money, sins, activities, favorite sports teams, addictions, or commitments are piled on top of it.

Most of us have too much in our lives.  A lot of things are good by themselves, but all of it together keeps us from living healthy, fruitful lives for God.

Luke 8:15 > But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

What are you producing?  Have you fallen for the easy Christianity where you put your time in and everything is OK?  Is there so much stuff in your life that you are distracted from God and pursuing Him first and foremost with all of you heart and energy?  I know the past two weeks of study, preaching, hearing messages and reading this book have forced me to examine my life to make sure that I am keeping the main thing the main thing.

  1. Alison Miller says:

    I wasn’t in church for any of those three messages because i was at young life camp, but i thought the quotes were interesting, especially the second one. At camp, one of the nights the speaker was talking about what is at the center of our lives. He talked about the different things that people put at the center of their lives, but he also talked about how lots of people try to put God and other things at the center of their lives at the same time and it just doesn’t work. All of the other things that we try to put in the center with God are just thorns that distract us from God. It makes me really think about my life and what I am putting at the center. Thanks for this challenging post!

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