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Posted: July 21, 2008 by Rich Landosky in HSM
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We’re back from the High School’s Summer Mission Trip to Little Mahoning Bible Camp.  Another great summer mission trip.  Pictures are up on the student ministry website for those who would like to check them out to see what we were doing all week.  Following are some short thoughts from my journaling on the trip.  We may be posting some of the rest of the team’s thoughts as well throughout the week.

Saturday, July 12th
We pulled out of Aldan around 9:00.  After a long drive we finally arrived @ Little Mahoning Bible Camp.  The leadership seemed genuinely happy to see us and have us here.  However, we missed the staff meeting.  I’m sure that will make for some difficulty later.

Sunday, July 13th
First day of camp.  Registration is outside and runs from 3:00-5:00.  People began lining up around 2:00.  At 2:58 it started pouring.  The skies just opened up.  The registration tables were moved into the dining hall and on we went.  After several trips with my campers and their families to our cabin (about 3 football fields in length away), I was soaked.  Then, about two minutes after I get back from bringing my last camper down to the cabin, the rain completely stops and the sun comes back out.  My God has such a good sense of humor.

Monday, July 14th
Okay, I am so out of my element.  Directing a camp is one thing.  And of course I love working with middle school and high school students.  I even don’t mind playing with children.  But working hands-on with younger kids . . . this is far beyond just being out of my comfort zone.  I just can’t do this.  I’m exhausted already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours.  I’m being stretched beyond just uncomfortable.  I am thankful that God has chosen to bring me here, to use me and stretch me for some reason that I can’t wit to uncover some day.  However, until then, this is just crazy.  God will have to pull me through this week because I’m spent.

Tuesday, July 15th
My boys: Jarrod, Nick, Alec, Josh, Jessie, Alex.  God also blessed me with two 8th grade guys working this week as kitchen staff.  They weren’t supposed to be with me but are and they are incredibly helpful.  I’m so thankful for Cody and Loren.

So, just read Galatians 6 during my quiet time: “Let us not grow weary in doing good…”  A good reminder from God at just the right time.  I’m cooked.  I can’t do this week by myself.  I need God’s help big time.

Wednesday, July 16th
All is going.  My guys are pretty good although settling them down at bed time is getting worse as the week progresses.  And meals . . . I don’t think I’ve had a warm meal yet.  Oh well.  The food has actually been really good.  Much better than I would’ve ever dreamed of for a camp.  Speaking of exceeding expectations, the camp has really gotten much nicer since we were here last about eight years ago.  Its nice having a/c everywhere.

Thursday, July 17th
Last full day of camp.  Have I mentioned how exhausted I am.  I’ve been spending the first two elective periods each afternoon down helping out at the archery course.  Its been fun shooting again and helping teach some of the kids.  The days are so crazy hot here.  Reminds me of Creation where once that sun peaked over the mountains, it was so intense I guess because we’re so high up.  I feel like a piece of bacon just sizzling on the frying pan. 

Friday, July 18th
My kids were out of control last night.  Completely out of control.  But I’ve grown to love them anyway.  My cabin joins together with three other cabins.  Me and the other cabin leaders plotted together.  At 6:45 this morning we awakened all of our cabins with a massive pillow fight.  Went from one cabin (beginning with mine) to the next just pounding on our kids with pillows waking them up.  We were all rolling.  What a blast!  Until Bruce came in and we were told that it was time to settle down and rest before “rise & shine.”

Today is it.  They leave this afternoon.  So does the majority of the staff.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the other cabin leaders here.  Fun times with Mitch and Dave.  Even spoke to Dave about praying about coming to AUC next summer as an intern with us.  Have I mentioned how much I’ve gotten into four square (actually four slice) here with these kids.  What a blast!  Much fun. 

Well, just about everyone is gone.  We’re still here and there are a few other folks left.  After pizza for dinner, a bunch of us went down to the pool to cool off and relax.  The relax part didn’t last too long as a game of keep-away broke out with the guys against the girls.  I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.  Leonard cracks me up.  After swimming, our team jumped in the van and drove into Punxsy to a Sheetz.  More good times.  Tomorrow its back in the van and another 7 or so hours back to Aldan.  Its been a great trip.  Karrah and Ali were incredible.  They did such a fantastic job.  I admire their abilities with the kids. I survived and although completely exhausted, I had a good time with those kids (when I wasn’t ready to kill them).  Looking into both teen camp (as attendees) and junior camp (as staff) for next summer.  Could be a good addition and another great way to serve others.

  1. Alison Miller says:

    its cool to hear about your experiences on the missions trip. 🙂

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