Posted: July 3, 2008 by Rich Landosky in MSM
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Another Super Slammin’ Summer Spin-Off draws to a close for our Middle School Ministry.  What a great week!  I hope all of you middle schoolers remember everything we discussed this week on The Great Adventure with Louisiana Larry.  Just so that we are all reminded and can keep these things in front of us, allow me to recap just briefly.

Sunday :: The Great Adventure
Is the life you’re living a great adventure?  If not, it can and should be.  There is no greater adventure or journey than the one we’re on as followers of Jesus.  Get on board.

Monday :: Seeing the Unseen
It’s all about faith.  Faith is believing in what we cannot necessarily see.  How strong in your faith?  Ready to step off the edge of that cliff in faith?

Tuesday :: I Hate Snakes
Just because we’re following Jesus doesn’t mean that life is going to all sweet and nice and comfortable. We’re still going to deal with the bad days, the difficulties, hardships, disappointments, hurt, and even the scary and dangerous stuff.  The difference is, as followers of Jesus we can attack these things with rejoicing and joyful hearts knowing they will build godly character in us, bring us to maturity, that they’re worked out for our good and they remind us that God is still in complete control.  Attack them there snakes head on!

Wednesday :: The Ultimate Treasure
The ultimate treasure is before all of us – Jesus.  We can choose wisely or we can choose poorly.  The choice is ours.  And what are we going to do with the this treasure once we choose Him?  Will we value Jesus more than anything else?  As much as the man who sold everything he had so he could purchase the field where he found the treasure?  Do we value Jesus that much?

It was a fantastic week!  Thanks for making this year’s SSSS a great one!!  You all were a blast.  Check back next week some time for pictures on our main website (  Have a fantastic weekend!


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