Reflections from the Weekend

Posted: June 16, 2008 by Rich Landosky in Rich's Random Ramblings
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This weekend was of those jam-packed weekends.  I thought I’d take a moment to simply reflect on a few of those things that I’m thankful to God for this weekend.

  • Dean wanted to get his training wheels off his bike.  We honored his request and he has taken well to riding a two-wheeler.  He’s doing laps around the track up by the school.
  • Pastor Paul made his return to the pulpit yesterday after being out for six weeks following his knee replacements.
  • We had our final Elevation of the year.  It is always encouraging when students (and leaders and parents) let you know that what they learned that morning from God’s Word really hit home.  Even when some others sit in the front row asleep.  That’s always good to see – keeps one humble.
  • Had a great time with my wife and kids yesterday at dinner – they took me out to Outback – and got me a 4-pack of bacon-wrapped fillet mignons from Omaha Steaks.  I do love a good steak.
  • Spent several hours with one of our church’s missionaries, Judi Troutman, last night following LIFT.  It is always an encouraging time when we are privileged to spend it with this good friend.
  • As my family and I were pulling out of the church parking lot yesterday afternoon, Tammy said, “Hey, do you realize that today is the 14 year anniversary of our being here at AUC?”  And so it was.  We started on Father’s Day 1994.  It has been a good journey together with the family here at this church. 
  • A short while later I remembered that yesterday was the first day of a new job for my very good friend, Jim Conkle.  Jim is the new Pastor of Local Outreach & Facilities Management at his church.  It is hard to express in words just how excited and proud of him I am.

With every passing day I continue to be more and more convinced that there is nothing on earth that I would rather be doing than serving the Lord and His people in the local church.  It is good to be here at AUC.  We deeply love all of you.


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