We’re Back

Posted: June 9, 2008 by Rich Landosky in Rich's Random Ramblings

Just wanted to let you all know how much I missed you all last week while I was on vacation.  We had a good week running around, doing a lot of day-trip stuff.  Took Alyssa out of school on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  To start the vacation off we went to visit some good friends in Lancaster and stayed with them from Friday through Monday.  Did some fishing with the kids on Saturday before the storms moved in.  It was Dean’s first time fishing.  He was using a Snoopy fishing rod and reel that used to be Alyssa’s.  Alyssa had gotten it as a gift from my brother Chris and his wife years ago.  The first time I took Alyssa fishing she used that rod and caught a largemouth bass.  So, what does Dean do his first time fishing using the same rod?  Catches a largemouth bass – actually two on the day along with a bunch of sunnys.  I’ll put a picture or two of the kids better fish below for those who are interested.  Sunday, Jeff and I went for a bike ride through Lancaster County.  Monday I went back to fish by myself for a few hours and then was joined by the kids who went each caught several dozen sunnys – and by themselves without my help.  Tuesday I started the day at Alyssa’s school Field Day and then went to Allentown with Wayne Bickford to watch the first leg of the Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling.  Good times with Wayneford.  Wednesday I went to watch Alyssa and some classmates shoot off rockets they made in AT class.  That was a blast and Alyssa’s rocket did real well.  Thursday the family was in Reading for the second of the three bike races.  A pro rider was riding by as I was walking along the race route with the kids before the race began.  The rider yelled to Dean, “Hey buddy, come over here.”  Dean and I went over and the guy handed Dean a new McDonald’s Team racing cap.  Dean just smiled real big and said “Thanks.”  Another great day.  Friday night we were with some friends.  Saturday I went to a Camden Riversharks game for my brother Matt’s bachelor party.  So, good times this past week.  Those who prayed for us while were away – thanks.  We missed you guys and it’s really good to be back and to have seen so many of you yesterday.  Let’s let the Summer begin!  It’s going to be a great one!!!  Love you guys.

  1. Bill Pederson says:

    I see a future Bass Pro

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