Missing Children

Posted: May 30, 2008 by Rich Landosky in The Journey
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As I’ve finished this book I’ve been reading, I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt, I was struck by another incredible picture the author paints to help us understand God’s priorities, mission and our place in the plan.  So, read this, think about it, chew on it for a bit, and let me know what you think.  This won’t be the last time you all hear from this book.

To set the scene :: the author just finishes telling a story where he and his wife lost their five-year-old son, Dawson, at a large water park.

And suddenly I realized that what I had just experienced for a few brief moments must be somewhat like God’s entire existence.  The Bible says that we are God’s dearly loved children.  God loves us even more than we love our own kids.  And Jesus said that those without God are his lost children.  Can you imagine God’s heart?  If a parent feels frantic as I did for my son when he was lost, can you imagine how great God’s concern must be for his countless lost children wandering around without him?  If a lost son causes me tremendous pain, can you imagine what God feels?

And I realized that as I held my son that nothing can be as important as me helping God’s other lost children back home and into his arms.  And if I’m not doing that, I should be disappointed and bored.

So often we can ignore that.  We can live life as Christians but basically avoid the Jesus life.  And we act like it doesn’t matter or like we can do other things to make up for it, but we can’t.

Think about it this way: What if tomorrow you’re eating a bowl of cereal when you notice a picture of a missing child on your milk carton.  Your eyes explode.  You know this kid!  You realize that you can take action that will almost certainly return this child to his mother and father.  But then you think, Nah.  I don’t feel like doing that.  But I do like that kid’s parents.  I think I’ll start giving them 10 percent of my income.  Oh, and I’ll go over to their house every Sunday morning and do some chores for them.  And I might even sing some songs to them while I’m there.

Obviously, that’s just insane.  Every person would love to be given more money, have someone serve them, and maybe even be serenaded.  But if a parent has a kid who is missing, nothing else matters in comparison to getting that lost child home.  And so if we could help make that happen, there’s no way we wouldn’t do it.

But how often do we give and serve and sing to God but ignore the fact that our heavenly Father has lost children whom we could help return to him?  When we ignore that, what we’re really ignoring is our Father’s heart.  We’re ignoring the mission Jesus gave us.  And we will be disappointed . . . and bored.

Chew on that some.  And then respond.  What do you think?

  1. lorraine says:

    it really struck me how often i forget that were all God’s lost children until we except Christ as our savior. When i look at my unsaved friends, i dont look at them as lost children, i think if i did i would act a lot differently, or i’d feel a greater urgency of telling them about Christ, because i want them returned to their Heavenly Father.

  2. Rich says:

    I agree. I think that’s what struck me the most – lost children. I think that often becomes our problem – we lose perspective as we get comfortable in our personal walks with God or in “doing church.”

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